Multi-way Bag

Product Description

Introducing our multi-way bag.

Experience the versatility of our multi-way bag, featuring four compartments. The front section is easily accessible with a convenient button-up closure, while the outer zips grant access to two main compartments. For added security, there's an inner compartment accessible only from within the bag.

As the pioneer product showcasing our new Stapld. logo, this bag proudly displays the embroidered logo on its front and transfers it onto the velcro located at the back.

Discover over five different ways to wear this bag by effortlessly looping the strap through the velcro on the back. If desired, the strap can be removed entirely, transforming the bag into a stylish and strapless pouch.

The bag's inner lining is crafted from 100% cotton, ensuring a soft and comfortable feel, while the outer fabric consists of 100% poly for durability and resilience.